Hojuyama Village

100 rice terraces and Iwaya spring water

Hojuyama Village full of nature

The flood damage in 2017 caused the topography to change, but

With the love of the local people and the support of

many people all over the country

Nature is returning little by little

Kataoka Liquor shop

31st year of Meiji

Inheriting the same manufacturing method from generation to generation

We continue to protect the taste

From a small mountain village in Toho, Fukuoka

Rich aroma and pleasant taste

​We will deliver sake


22 Hosyuyama Toho-mura, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture

℡ 0946-72-2321


Kanedai miso shop

Koji miso that we continued to make

Focus on raw materials and consider safety and security

Local production for local consumption within the reach of your eyes


Powerful taste of live yeast and fermented foods



7 Hosyuyama Toho-mura, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture

℡ 0120-303-039

Hojusan Mushroom Production Union

In order to make better mushrooms, I am not satisfied with the current situation and continue to search for cultivation methods today. Pesticide-free, mushroom bed cultivation of timber from neighboring prefectures We take responsibility from production to harvesting and sales.


2697 Hosyuyama, Toho-mura, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture

Fax 0946-72-2485




From fresh vegetables in the village to traditional crafts

We will deliver the nature of Toho Village